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I came in proxy of my cousin who has been in a coma for a few days. Doctors have said that it was due to brain infection. I showed the healing team my cousin's photo and they prayed for her. The next day, I received a call saying that my cousin has woken up!

Stress Ankle Fracture

I had a stress fracture on my ankle for 7 weeks and could not walk properly. After being prayed for, I could jump and

run around!

Bow Legs and Knee Pain

For 8 years, I had bowlegs and knee pains. As I was being prayed for,

my legs straightened and there is now less pain on right knee!

I can walk better too.

Sprained Ankle

I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk for three days. I could only lie in bed and the moment I got out of bed, I'd just cry because I couldn't move. After the prayer by the KI healing team, I felt heat and a sting in my bone and it moved back to the original place. I feel 100% healed now. Where before I couldn't run, I can do everything now!

Blind in Left Eye

I have been blind in my left eye for 6 years. After prayer, I can now see!

Cerebral Palsy

I suffered from cerebral palsy and the lengths of my legs were uneven. However, after the prayer for healing, the length of both my legs are now equal. Praise God!

Spinal Injury

I felt a sharp pain in my back just before Chinese New Year 2017. I was unable to bend properly. I felt my spine move as I was being prayed for. Now, I can bend without feeling pain.

Small Solid Mass

in the Ovary

A regular ultrasound scan showed that there was a small solid mass in my right ovary. I was then due to go for an MRI the next day to check for any malignancy. I responded to a word of knowledge on “healing for ovarian cysts” and was prayed for.

A few days later, my doctor called

to tell me that the MRI showed no solid mass in both ovaries.

Thank You Jesus!

Pain in Knee

Two and a half years ago, I fell and the doctor diagnosed it as Parkinson's Disease. I had a fear of walking ever since. After prayer, I can walk with stability now!


On the third night of KI2017, I was at Prayer for Healing and 2 volunteers prayed over me and the pain reduced by 60%. Now, I am sitting at the airport leaving for India and I am 100% healed.

Hearing Problem

in Left Ear

Hearing Problem in Left Ear
I had dull hearing in my left ear for the past 15 years. During the video that Randy Clark showed, my left ear suddenly popped and his voice became very loud. I was shocked at first but realised it was indeed real and recalled my left ear had felt hot and now it was fully healed!

Muscle Dystrophy

I was suspected of muscle dystrophy. I have difficulty standing up from sitting position and having difficulty to climb stairs. After being prayed, I am able to climb the stairs.

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